The Drones are these little marvels of technology that are everywhere. And they perform tasks of the most varied. Only in this list of activities, even crimes begin to appear. There have been reports of gangs using drones to perfect their crimes

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Drones are these little “quadricopters” that fly all around. (Photo / Divulgacion)

Of course, if there are bad guys, there are good ones too. And professionals like Robson are right on the other side of this war. The company he works for has created a system to control the movement of drones.

Digital Watch Report on Regulation of the drone market (Video Disclosure)

The system operates with the aid of one or more antennas that can monitor all airspace within a radius of up to one kilometer. They can detect the radio waves that drones use to communicate with their controllers. When an unregistered aircraft is detected, the antennas trigger an alert showing the position of the aircraft.

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This system can detect the radio waves that the drones use to communicate with their controllers. (Foto / Divulgação)

That is: each drone model uses a characteristic communication pattern. The antenna can compare the pattern it detects with that of a database that the company frequently updates. Thus, it can indicate not only the position of the drone, but also the mark and the model of it. In some cases, it even goes so far as to go further:

And that’s not all. Using more than one antenna, it even gives to find out where the drone pilot is. This is done by a method called triangulation: the system measures how long the pilot signal takes to reach each antenna, and based on the difference in position, it can point the position of the controller

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The system can be configured to allow some drones to be allowed to navigate the region without triggering the alarm. And it can also be connected, for example, to speakers. So, if someone is flying in the region if they know the area is protected, they will be warned not to invade the area. But this warning is the limit of what you can do.

The system is not cheap. Renting the equipment to make the protection of a space costs from twenty thousand reais. Even so, it has already been used to protect large events such as the World Economic Forum in Davos. And if drone threats continue to increase, it should be used even more often. Let’s hope this is not necessary.

Imagem relacionada Security is something to be discussed about the world of drones. (Foto / Divulgação)


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